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The Mind

"The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body."


A Sound Mind

As a person who struggles to keep her mind in check, this quote speaks volumes about the importance of controlling one's thoughts. The day in and day out battle to fight negative, fearful thoughts can be an incredible burden and heavy weight to bear.

This art piece, "A Sound Mind", arose from an inner voice I heard almost 2 years ago now, whispering that I was not destined for a frazzled, unruly, and tormented mind forever. That voice, which I believe was from above, spoke softly in my ear, telling me that one day I would have a strong, stable, and "sound" mind.

Almost immediately I was given a vision of sorts for this art piece and felt overwhelmed with passion, inspiration, and hope. I still continue to fight intrusive unwanted thoughts and anxiety each day, but whenever I look upon this art piece I am reminded that some day I will be free and that God speaks the language of every single creature on earth, whether through art, music, science, etc.

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