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A little bit about me...
Blue Eye

My name is Danielle Super and I am a Freelance Mixed Media Artist from the Twin Cities, MN.


In 2011, I graduated from Crown College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and since then have gone on to earn my Travel Certificate at The Travel Academy in Eagan, MN.


As of 2013, I had been working as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines living in New York City until moving back home in 2014 to be near family, friends and the unique cultural diversity the Twin Cities had to offer.


I primarily grew up in the suburb of Maple Grove, surrounded by a family of musicians and artists. My family has always had a strong connection with nature, been immersed in a variety of cultures, and placed significant emphasis on the aesthetic value of life. As I have grown as an artist, acrylics, textiles and free-association in art have brought the greatest amount of joy and healing in my life.


These influences are reflected in my artwork through the use of organic materials such as fall leaves, pinecones, and flowers combined with mediums such as acrylic paints. as well as, photographs which feature various cultures and places.

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