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The Story of The Elements

The story of this piece begins with an internal battle for relief from the torrent of emotions assaulting my mind.

The day I decided to create “The Elements” was an especially difficult one as I faced a barrage of anxious thoughts and intense painful memories. I felt claustrophobic, trapped and overwhelmed once again by the burden of struggling with this form of mental illness which has become epidemic in our culture.

Initially, I had a completely different idea for what I wanted to paint. I pictured painting something calming or peaceful. However, as I began to practice free association in art and let my emotions hold the paintbrush, the storm raging within gushed out onto the canvas.

By the end of this piece, I was amazed to see how clearly this tornado-like picture conveyed the inner turmoil I felt and how much it helped me work through those emotions which had previously assaulted me.

Thus, “The Elements” was born.

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