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Lessons from Nature

“In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

~John Muir

Springbrook Nature Center Trail

This quote pretty much sums up my everyday experience with nature. I have received a vast deal more than I could ever imagine whenever I explore the natural world and witness the immense beauty in both the small, seemingly insignificant things, as well as, in the large, more visible elements.

There is a childlike wonder that emerges within my soul as I gaze at the majestic stature of an old-growth tree, or the vivid colors painted across the forest floor. The importance of every living thing, from the oddest of fungi, to the breathtaking stretches of rivers lined with rough boulders, becomes more evident the more frequently I venture outdoors.

My art, therefore, is a reflection of these explorations, adventures, and experiences. It seeks to communicate just a portion of the poetry that creation writes on a daily basis. Whether it be through photography, acrylic paintings, abstract art, or even through the design of my Handmade Felted Owls, my ultimate goal is to provide at least a glimpse of what the eyes of my heart see every time I set foot on a trail.

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