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The Story Behind “As the Fog Clears”

As with many of my pieces, this painting begins in struggle and ends in release.

At the time that I was given a vision for this piece I was deeply enveloped in a dense fog of anxiety and mindlessness. I have a tendency to ruminate and focus on trivial worries, and this day was no exception.

The feeling of desperation and longing nearly choked me as I pictured what a clear, carefree and colorful mind might look like. The sense of hopelessness of this ever coming true was overtaking me and became almost unbearable.

Suddenly, as I was brooding over my projected fate to remain in a state of anxiety my entire life, a picture of fog lifting, chains breaking and colors washing down from above filled my head. I instantly felt relief and knew that I had to preserve this image in the physical realm.

Thus, “As the Fog Clears” was born and to this day it reminds me that the fog always lifts eventually and often reveals something more beautiful than one could imagine.

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